Get in the driver’s seat of your career!

(First published in the international women’s business magazine, BusinessOFeminin.) How are you feeling about your current job?  Let me guess. The chances are you are not very satisfied.  If so, you are not alone.  Studies show that up to 75% of employees globally feel unhappy at work. At a time of high unemployment and lacklustre job growth, many employees feel stuck in their jobs and unable to consider a career move even if they are unsatisfied. Employers who want an engaged and productive workforce need to find ways to help employees feel challenged and rewarded by work, for example by […] Read more »

On choosing love and courage to act…

Five of the attacks last Friday in Paris took place in my old neighborhood, a couple of them meters from my old home. It hit us even closer home when we heard that my son’s friend lost a teacher. Thirty 11 year olds showed up this morning to what was supposed to be their English language class, only to find out that their young teacher was killed among dozens of others… Understandably, I am in deep shock and heartbroken. Like most Parisians. What do we, ordinary citizens, do in face of such incomrehensible in their cruelty acts? What do we do with the anger and heartbreak we feel inside? And with fear? […] Read more »

8 Easy Ways To Manage Your Boss

If you went to one of my workshops or were part of the group coaching assignments I led, you already heard me speak about the importance of building a healthy positive relationship with one’s boss. There are certain basic skills that everyone should be given access to, in order to succeed in and enjoy their professional life. Managing up is one of them. As you well know, your boss can be your main ally in reaching your goals, or a number one pain in the neck, stalling your growth and progress.  Yes, it all starts and ends with your boss. Build an […] Read more »

Get off the hamster wheel this rentrée

«I am so fed up with my job. So ready to kiss it goodbye and be done with.» «What do you dislike most about it?» «It sucks all energy out of me. It’s only been 10 days since I came back from holidays and I already feel depleted. I run around like a headless chicken between work and home, never able to satisfy anyone. There’s nobody to thank me. No time to enjoy life at all. I need a job with the perfect life/balance and … some recognition.» My client Claire dreaded each September when she had to face old challenges again. She was torn between multiple […] Read more »

Insecure About Asking? Read These Tips.

Do you ever lay in bed at night, feeling over-stressed, part-dreaming part-wishing that some form of recognition – a better title, more money, a more exciting role, or extra time off – will drop on your head next day, like manna out of heaven, to thank you for all your hard work? You probably know already that this fantasy is not going to happen. Your boss is not a mind-reader. There is only one way to get what you want, need and deserve, so you can feel zen, productive and happy at work, and that is… You’ve got to take your career […] Read more »

This Should Never Happen to You.

Woohoo! Your boss has asked you to take on new responsibilities. You feel flattered. Feels like a promotion. Yes, you’d have to manage those on top of your current workload. But hey, you’re not someone to hide from challenges! Plus, some form of salary hike should follow to match the effort, right? So, you accept with enthusiasm, roll up your sleeves and get to work. As you start working even longer hours and put in some weekends, you wait for your boss to thank you and mention that salary hike. A week goes by. Two. Three. No news of more bucks. Your boss thanks you in passing for stepping in. […] Read more »

Lost your ambition? Don’t feel confident at work? Here’s what to do.

“I don’t have any ambition left.”  “I don’t dream anymore.”  Have you heard those words?  Do these thoughts cross your mind sometimes?   If so, it’s a stark contrast to the surge in enthusiasm you must have felt when you first started your current job/career, isn’t it? Recent studies  show that women tend to lose their ambition and self-confidence after 2 years on the new job. We enter the workplace as confident of our abilities and as ambitious as men. But after a while women’s aspirations drop by more than half (among both married and single women), while men become more […] Read more »

Dealing with difficult people in 6 simple steps

‘Difficult ‘ or unreasonable people and situations are part of our life – both at the workplace and outside. People who can’t stop talking and have an opinion on every issue. People who are demanding and critical, and intimidate others. Grumpy people who complain non-stop. People who don’t deliver or follow through. Or those that are quick to point out why a new idea or project won’t work. The ability to handle contrary people with diplomacy and determination is a valuable skill for everyone. It is an especially critical skill if you manage a team. Here’s one of the proven strategies on […] Read more »

Ditch that modesty and start networking!

Were you ever surprised to find out that a colleague was assigned a new exciting project or a new role, and not you? Jannet came to me after something similar happened to her at least twice. “I really don’t understand why I was not chosen to head that project. I always deliver on time. I am much reliable and conscientious than the person they chose. I clearly fit that position much better”.  Jannet’s colleague was picked to manage the new cross-departmental project that they both had been involved in for several preceding months, and she felt clearly bewildered by the fact. […] Read more »

Assertiveness: do you speak up?

“I spoke up about the issue!” my client Julie looked radiant. She shared that she had raised her long-standing concerns about how a large-scaled project was being managed to the top management of her company.  The issue had bothered her for a long time and she’d been speaking about it to everyone but… her bosses. What made her change her mind and gave her the courage to finally speak up?  It was the forthcoming change in her life  – she was preparing to leave the company. Suddenly, she was no longer vested in keeping her reputation as the ‘nice Julie” […] Read more »