Is This You?

 Does this sound like you?

You have been changing jobs every 2-3 years without clarity about what you really want and how to get it.

You do not like what you do but lack confidence to change to a better job.

You have a project in mind and do not know how to get there.

You have been applying to job vacancies, yet have not been getting job interviews.

You seem to be able to get job interviews but they do not convert to job offers.

You want to define your personal brand, raise your visibility and establish yourself as an expert.

You want an international dimension in your career.

Imagine that you wake up every morning and can’t wait to start working. You do the kind of work in which your passion, ambitions, natural talents, true strengths and abilities are all in sync. You know your work makes a difference (to your organization, society or the world in large) and you are well rewarded financially for the effort you put in.

Being exceptional by doing what you enjoy doing is contagious. You are recognized and valued for your contributions. You lead by inspiring others with your energy, authenticity and desire to make a difference. You make choices with confidence taking you where you want to go. You are well compensated and recognized for your thought leadership and unique value. You are truly enjoying and thriving in your career and life abroad.

If this could be a “future you”, read on to see if you have the qualities of Expat Factor’s ideal clients.

Does this Sound Like You?

  • You are passionate, ambitious, and want to make a difference in your organization or the world.
  • You love learning. You’re always learning more about yourself, your interests and area of expertise.
  • You value quality – mediocrity is not an option – and respect both the big picture and the details.
  • You have the courage to dig deep and change how you think about yourself and what you offer.
  • You value direct feedback and consider it an effective means of avoiding wasting time or opportunities.
  • You’re ready to do the work and learn skills to accelerate and manage your career for a lifetime
  • Work/Life Balance is important to you and you won’t sacrifice time with your family.

If you can identify with more than two-three qualities above, Expat Factor’s style and approach may be well suited to your personality and working style.

Is the Expat Factor approach for you?

It’s an engaging process filled with unimaginable learning. With a proven, structured program involving assessments, coaching, training and strategic action you’ll accelerate your career and success abroad.

Our tailored programmes take you through in-depth, transformative journey that will:

  • open your eyes to the true and unique value you create or can create
  • help you design and build a new professional success abroad
  • help you communicate that value for maximum impact on and offline
  • help you build the relationships and online presence critical to reaching your goals
  • customize and navigate a road-map to more ease, fulfillment and wild success abroad, all the while keeping a right balance between life and work, or family and work.

What’s next?

If you’re ready to take the first step in your journey towards career success abroad, contact us to schedule an initial conversation.

To learn about how to build a portable ideal career to support your life overseas, see our Professionals and Executives page.