Successful, Yet Authentic: How to Promote Yourself Properly

You work hard to succeed but you want to remain authentic, true to your values. I’d like to offer you an opportunity to get closer to your goal on December 15th.
Parisian or connected to Paris, come to a special group coaching session and learn to promote yourself properly and genuinely.
Why attend this session?
We, women, are great at working hard, keeping our heads down, and doing a good job. And we expect to be rewarded for that, like in school…
The truth is you are not going to get ahead just by doing a good job.
By underestimating the value of being visible and well-connected, we miss some critical realities about career/business advancement.
To get promoted or to find new exciting opportunities, we first need to promote ourselves. It means knowing your value proposition, being able to talk about your achievements and strengths, and build a supportive network around you.
In fact, numerous studies show that the number 1 best practice for advancing women in business is self-promotion. In today’s  competitive hyper-social work world, successful self-promotion has become a critical career skill we all need to master.
Do you have a clear and powerful elevator speech?
Are you proud of your LinkedIn summary?
Does it help you generate new opportunities?
Do you suspect that you might be too modest, or have the imposter’s syndrome?
Come to this special group coaching session, to get inspired and learn the best practices to promote your personal brand authentically.
Get your ticket here.

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